Jagermeister Pool Table Light Chandelier

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This is a Quality Handmade Jager Pool Bar light / Table Jagermeister Pool Table Chandelier

Designed and Hand Made From Recycled ( Jagermeister 1 Liter ) Liquor Bottles

From bottles saved by local restaurants, bars and local area shops.
We re-purpose these bottles by taking our time and turning them into great looking Lights for you and your friends to enjoy.

Hand Made Jagermeister Pool Light
3 Foot By 14 Inches Long !
Stands About a foot tall!
5 (Five) 120V – 25 Watt Lights Underneath The Hood.


If You Don’t See The Bottle Lighting Your Looking for,

You Have A Special Request or Just Need Custom Lighting Made,
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Looking for Lighting that looks more like art?
Do you own a Bar? Need lights that will make them talk about your Pub above all the others?
Be Unique and Make them Remember you with Glass Bottle Lighting!


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We stand for… The pride in our neighborhood to educate and teach our neighbors about recycling.

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Weight 40.82 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 14 × 14 in